Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached a tipping point globally as businesses increasingly realise the sheer potential of the technology in terms of growing productivity and gains. Across Asia Pacific especially, AI has already begun to make an impact – but at varying levels.

If we were to look at AI-readiness as a journey, we then see three broad segments among organisations across Asia Pacific – beginners, experimenters, or frontrunners. These segments experience different levels of costs and benefits at varying levels of ‘maturity’ in AI deployment.

Transforming into an AI-ready Business

Whatever stage your organisation might be at in terms of adopting AI, there is significant opportunity to secure a competitive advantage and improve efficiencies.

According to Seagate’s latest survey, Data Pulse: Maximising the Potential of Artificial Intelligence, 95% of organisations in Asia Pacific want to invest more in understanding the value of AI, and nearly all of them are planning to deploy more AI solutions in the next 12 months (89%).

Here are some questions to consider when levelling up your company’s AI journey:

  • How can AI help achieve business objectives?
  • What forms an ideal AI strategy? What should my organisation be considering/evaluating?
  • From an infrastructure perspective, what needs to be improved to ensure effective implementation of AI, as well as the ability to scale and evolve in future?
  • What are the security risks and concerns associated with increased AI adoption?
  • Are there sufficient resources invested to facilitate an increase in AI adoption, in terms of finances and manpower?

To use the analogy of a high-performance athlete, they undergo intense training across various physical and mental aspects to excel and become a champion in their sport.

Likewise, the complexity and pervasiveness of AI requires organizations take a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach along their journey to train up their AI capabilities.

Still unsure where to start or have further questions? Why not check out the insights from our panel of experts across the Four Elements of AI:

  1. Investment and Strategy
  2. IT Infrastructure
  3. Data Security
  4. Talent and Culture



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