India has always been a key advocate of leveraging the power of technology to boost their economy and empower their society.

The Digital India programme introduced by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology focuses on building more robust e-governance initiatives across sectors such as health, education, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and financial services. The government also recently announced a doubling of the programme’s funding to US$480 million over the next two years to focus on AI, amongst other technologies such as machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing and Blockchain.

AI opens up many opportunities for organisations in India and based on Seagate’s latest survey, Data Pulse: Maximising the Potential of Artificial Intelligence a large majority of them are ready to leverage the benefits AI brings across business sectors, despite the barriers faced. Here are three reasons India is leading in terms of digital transformation with the help of AI:

1. There is robust AI adoption in India, with 9 in 10 organisations already utilising AI solutions in their businesses

India has one of the highest AI adoption rates in Asia Pacific, compared to the regional average of 74%. Many organisations in India have implemented AI in one or more business areas such as IT (83%), customer support (46%), product innovation and R&D (42%) and supply chain and logistics (38%).

2. The impact and opportunity of AI is well-known among organisations in India, with plans to implement more

Most organisations surveyed in India are optimistic of the impact AI brings to their business. 80% of the surveyed organisations in India believe AI will have an apparent impact on their industries in three years. What is more promising is that 99% of organisations in India have plans to adopt more AI solutions in the next 12 months.

3. Organisations want more support to fully leverage the benefits of AI

Three out of four organisations in India still struggle to fully grasp how to leverage AI and use it for their development, with a large majority (97%) indicating they could do more if they had the right talent. With the increasing amount of data created as a result of growing AI adoption, 95% believe there is a need to have more robust data storage solutions, so that their IT infrastructures are ready to handle the incoming data efficiently and securely.


About Data Pulse: Maximising the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

The study consists of 600 respondents comprising senior IT professionals in Australia, China, India, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Each market had 100 respondents across multiple industries such as ICT, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Financial Services and Logistics. Seagate commissioned SPARC International to conduct the market research from December 2017 to January 2018.


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